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PHARMIX is a locally developed and supported computer software system, for controlling the various manufacturing and distribution processes involved in the manufacture of Foods, Chemicals, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. PHARMIX is recipe/formulation based and incorporates lot tracking, scale interfacing, quality control and trend analysis. The system contains all of the processes for GMP or Good Manufacturing Practise.

PHARMIX includes modules for : Debtors, Order Entry, Purchase Ordering, Finished Goods, Raw Materials, production, Sales Analysis, General Ledger, Requirements Planning, Quality Control, Quarantine Management, Creditors, Invoicing, Intermediate Batch Processing, Formulation Costing, Formulation and Recipe Management.

In addition to the standard type processing, PHARMIX provides a high level of management analysis of batches that are produced. This analysis includes standard and actual cost variances, as well as costings per item, bulk and standard/actual cost variances.

A Quality Control management module, tracks trends in QC tests for raw materials, finished goods and production batches. The system also allows for entry of customer QA parameters.
PHARMIX is based upon 4GL Relational Database and Client Server technology and is suitable for both small and large users.



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