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JEMS is a comprehensive software package, designed and written specifically for the jewellery industry. JEMS is based on a design master file that allows for the specification of design components used in the manufacture, importing and costing of designs. Real time costing in multiple metals and stone combinations and exchange rates, makes this package a must for time saving and business management.

JEMS incorporates features for image display and printing, scanning, ring tickets, job tracking, job bags and manufacturing control. JEMS is integrated with sales and distribution modules for Debtors, Invoicing and General Ledger. JEMS also has automatic ordering for components and caters for invoicing by weight as well as stone substitution.

JEMS incorporates a sophisticated mechanism for the calculation of design costs and attributing various individual mark-ups to a number of different stages in the procurement, manufacture and distribution of designs. Customers can be assigned there own costing profiles, along with their own individual mark-up and discount structures.

JEMS has catalogue features for the generation of electronic order forms or links to web sites for order capture. JEMS incorporates modules for approvals, carnets and sample ranges.

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